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Memories of Wimbledon, the Broadway c1952

After attending Kingsley High School in Worcester Park, left there at 14 and attended Pitman's College in Wimbledon, where I learned shorthand and typing. Got me my first job in London at the tender age of 16. Don't remember much of Wimbledon, but do remember a very strict male teacher at Pitman's who would rap your knuckles if you did something wrong.

Added 18 November 2020
I remember 1952 the year of the great smog, making my way back from school along Dundonald Road towards my home in Graham Road. I had to follow the railings along the recreation ground because I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face - I was 5 at the time. After I married at St Marys Church up Wimbledon Hill, I moved to my first house I owned at Clarence Road where I stayed until 1978. Saturday morning pictures ...see more

The Broadway Wimbledon was brought to a near halt in December 1952 for four days. The Gaumont cinema in the back of this photo had to close on the third day because of the smog in the auditorium. I lived in Craven Gardens and the smog was down to less of a metre in front of your face and you could not see your feet.

i lived in hartfield rd until i was 15 Went to dundonald and then Pelham left in 61 . I remember Pat Pam Page are u twins? My surname was bedford

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