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I was born and brought up in Station Town in the 50's and 60's and I too remember the rows of streets starting with Acclom, Vane, Roderidge, and Garden Street. Our favourite place was Dent's fish shop on the corner and queuing up for 'scraps' meaning the batter left over from the fish frying. The front street was (...Read full memory)

I was born and bred in Wingate 1953, I was born in a flat in North Road East just down from the Co-op. My dad worked underground in various collieries throughout his working life from the age of 14 until he reluctantly retired at the age of 65. We moved into our first council house when I was 4 years of age in 1957, no. (...Read full memory)

I am writing on behalf of Frederick Beck, aged 87, whose mother was Mary Kernick (nee ??) whose family lived in 262 Johnson Street, Wingate. It was a family of seven children. Names recalled are(oldest to youngest) Ben, Isabella, Mary, Mark, Alice, Margaret and the youngest, Thomas. Mary's father, Thomas Kernick, (...Read full memory)

I was born 1943 in 6 Moor Lane, Wingate at my grandparents' house (Joe and Margaret(Ginny)Lee, then moved to 53 Kings Road, before moving to Trimdon Village in 1953 just after the coronation. I too have fond memories of the place. The Palace and the Empire, the pit heaps, the Sprays/Johns cafe/Pirelies cafe/Glasses Pond. My uncle, (...Read full memory)

Hi, has anyone got any information on a Mary Ann White who lived in Wingate? My grandfather was took in by her, maybe in the 1920s, I think they were travellers. My grandfather's name was Andrew Gilling and he married Alice in 1931.

I am trying to trace GLORIA ADAMS Married name unknown; she is related to Harriet and "Father John" Adams who used to live next to my Nanna in Kings Road. Harriet & John were cousins to my Nanna Margaret (Adams) Robson; This request is purely to ask a couple of family history questions. Anne McDonald. Brisbane Queensland

I've lived in Wingate all my life. I lived in 370 New Row; my best friends lived next door - the Davies Joan, Mary and Betty. We used to go to the Green Door workman's conses to rock and roll nights, John's ice cream shop - he had a brother, Tom McGee, he lives in Essex now. We still have nights out with our friends Dot (...Read full memory)

I remember the Fir Tree Inn in its hey day. My Aunty Peggy was the landlady; she was a wonderful person; she always wore spectacular dresses when behind the bar. The Inn was at the top of the village just where Wellfield Road began. Sadly Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dick are with us no more but memory is a marvellous thing, a part of me (...Read full memory)

Sliding down the pit heaps on some old pit belt,or old tin, Through the small bushes at the bottom. Playing on the swing in the woods over the beck Roast potatoes on the bonfire in the field. I remember David Coulson his brother Tommy & Jimmy language Tommy & kailly smith my dad was a blacksmith at the pit .George Alderton married to Agnes.

Grandfather William Grey owned a number of shops in Wingate, Co. Durham one was at 47 North Road West, Wingate, it was a drapers shop. Grandfather died in 1962, his last remaining shop was closed by my mother Winnie England and made into a house. My family were once very prominant in Wingate, they consisted of the Greys, the (...Read full memory)