Memories of Woking, Girls' Grammar School c1960

Now a housing estate, I believe. I attended 1972-77 before everything went comp and it closed. Miss Hill was Headmistress and quite the disciplinarian. No running in the central corridor, gels.

I attended this school throughout 1975-1980 and I always found it absurd as to why an almost H shaped building would have a rule that you were not allowed through the central corridor. I remember pupils (bouncers) at either end. I also remember my first headmistress sitting sternly on the stage like a judge. I don't (...Read full memory)

I was one of the first students to attend Woking Grammar School! My first term was spent at the old school in Nissan Huts, but we moved into the new building in January 1958, I believe. What a beautiful building it seemed at the tiem, with Domestic Science rooms, a gorgeous gym, and a marble-floored central corridor. The (...Read full memory)

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