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Caption for Woking, Old Woking Village 1898: Before the railway came in 1838 and today's town began to grow, this was the centre of Woking. Here it appears as though it is completely deserted with not a soul to be seen. From the length of the shadows, perhaps it was only the photographer who was venturing out into the heat of the day.

Memories of Woking

I have happy memories of Woking's Victoria Hospital 1963 - 1965, where I completed my State Enrolment training. It was a very small training school giving excellent tuition by Mrs Mockett. Sister Burns was our Home Sister who looked after our health. Matron was Miss Horsefield - very strict as far as I can recall.

Small gardens in central Woking always known to me as Sparrows Park in those days, before the War Memorial was moved. This picture shows the modern redevelopment of the buildings behind the War Memorial.

So many memories of school years here from 1959-66. Coming from Burpham nr Guildford I remember travel on public transportation and how most people did not come from my area. In the summer during Wimbledon fortnight I would bicycle so as to be home to watch the tennis. I remember how under Miss (...Read full memory)

When I was Five we lived in Byfleet and often visited the Woking Lido in Summer. I nearly killed myself by sliding down the slide unsupervised. Fortunately my father saw me and dragged me out. When I was Six my sister and I boarded at the Frithe Knowle School, in Wych Hill Lane (1948). The principal was Miss M Windsor (...Read full memory)

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