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Caption for Woodbridge, The Bell Inn 1894: The Bell Inn (now the Bell and Steelyard) stands in New Street. The covered hoist is a steelyard, used for weighing grain wagons from the early 17th century to the 1880s. Capable of weighing up to 2.5 tons, it would weigh the wagon before going to market, and again when it returned empty. No doubt the day's trade would be celebrated over a pint in the inn!

Memories of Woodbridge, the Bell Inn 1894

My grandfather owned the Old Bell and Steelyard through WWII until the mid 50's. Unfortunately he died before I was born, but I've been visiting Woodbridge to see relatives who still live there, for my entire life. If you visit the Old Bell, which is, I believe one of the (...Read full memory)

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