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Other Memories from Woodcote

Does anyone have any memories of Rudolf Steel or his son of Westways, Woodcote Road by any chance? There in the late 50s/60s.

Added 03 September 2020
Very few people realise that there was a RAF Maintenance Camp in Woodcote during and after the Second World War years. There is a comprehensive history of this operational base with archive photos and local oral memories at :- http://www.mycetes.co.uk/b/index.html Have a look now before all the old tell tale signs are gone forever as nature reclaims the land back.

Penny went on to have 2 boys, Joe and Frankie, Frankie being the same age as me. We used to play at Rogers Yard, Penny Royal, which I think was once owned by Penny's dad. But given two Frank Rogers in the family I am not sure.

Regarding the statement of Percy Bonner and his wife Rennie Bonner, written by Ken Crammer: These people were my aunt and uncle. Uncle Percy and Aunt Rennie went on to have 2 children, Louisa and Percy aka Penny, both married and continued to live in Crays Pond with their children and grandchildren near by. In 1966 Uncle Percy was in a tragic accident when a tree fell on him and he was killed, Aunt Rennie died ...see more

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