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Northamptonshire Living Memories

Northamptonshire Living Memories

The photo 'Woodford Halse, the Post Office c1965' appears in this book.

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Caption for Woodford Halse, The Post Office C1965: Church Street and the roads off to the left are part of a grid of Victorian brick, terraced, straight streets. At the end of the street is the Village Centre, a former school, while to its left you can just see the chancel of the medieval parish church. Woodford Halse Post Office has moved to the electricity shop, while Cundy's, the former post office, is now an empty shop (2002).

An extract from Northamptonshire Living Memories.

Memories of Woodford Halse

Each day my journey either was via the cinder track (there was the old reservoir running alongside and the iron railway bridge stood in those days, the railway was still operating I think or in the stages of being dismantled) or we walked over a somewhat ricketty wooden bridge at the bottom of Castle Hill, (...Read full memory)

My early memories of Woodford, were being taken by bus, from Byfield Primary School, to the Moravian church, in Parsons Street, for the polio injection, also of going to the cinema, which was opposite the Post Office, to see the Big Country. Some of my relatives, worked on the railway, I spent a lot of happy times, (...Read full memory)

My mother and father (Charles and Lilian) ran the Club from 1954-1957 approx. We lived in just one part with a large living room, a kitchen which led to the back area of stables and grass and 4 bedrooms. Most of the upstairs rooms in the rest of the Gorse were unused except for the Billiard room, (...Read full memory)

I remember as if it was yesterday, walking from 7 Manor Road, the house I was born in. My grandad and granma, the Peasnells, lived there for some time. I used to walk with my cousin John, he was a few years older than me, down the road to stone bridge, just before the (...Read full memory)

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