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I remember going with my Nan and Aunts to the covered market. There used to be a fish mongers just before going in and they had live eels wriggly away on a white tiled slab, along with all kinds of other fresh fish. One of the eels jumped off the slab and landed in front of me. I was around 3 or 4 at the time and screamed. My uncle worked at the Arsenal.

My Mum's family are Delieu, Albert, Fred, George, Eileen, Alice. I remember the fruit stall, when I walked past to go to the Poly, I was always thrown a piece of fruit to take. My Dad's family used to run Karl's Cafe, Wellington Street, where my mum used to work and met my dad theee

I have a very vivid memory of my mum taking me to Powis Street in Woolwich to see the actress Elizabeth Seal opening either the Cuffs or Garrets store. I can't remember how old I was and I don't know why this is such a vivid memory but I know I was very young. I wonder if ayone else can remember this event? In 1961 I had a (...Read full memory)

I remember this area when I was growing up, my Nan lived in the small block of flats behind the newsagent shop where my sister, brother and I would get sweets from. Behind the wall, in the centre of shot, is a parking area where we would play football and other ball games, just to the base of the flats in the picture was a (...Read full memory)

The butchers across from Cuffs used to have sawdust and a very distinct smell, nevr smelt since

The shop on the right wasa newsagents called Wrights, there was a greengrocer'so on the opposite side of the street which was a family business called Hammonds

Hi everyone. I'm currently trying to collect memories of The Woolwich Tramshed, particularly of its time as a music and comedy venue, for a community heritage project. If you ever used to go to gigs at The Tramshed please do let me know in the comments!

The shop on the left became a Hairdressers,the Shop on the right was a grocery store,i think it was named "Wrights".

As a 14 year old I was a 'Saturday girl' at Woolworth's in 1961. I was on the glass counter, selling everything from vinegar bottles with plastic tops, ashtrays, jugs etc. The number of items displayed on the sloping counter was enormous and I had to make sure all stock was replaced as soon as it was sold. I remember the wooden (...Read full memory)

If you look closely at this photograph 3/4 of the way down on the left hand side just past the lady in the white coat there is an old women in a dark coat standing in front of a stall. This is my grandmother Charlotte Delieu. She was well known on the market and run a banana stall following the 2nd world war until the early seventies. Stalls on the market still carry the family name.