Memories of Worcester Park

My grandparents lived on the corner of Browning Avenue and Washington Road. Visiting in the '60s and '70s I remember that there was an Air Raid Shelter in the back garden, which was basically a concrete shed. Were these in all the gardens? and do any of them still exist?

I lived in Woodlands Avenue and used to walk down The Avenue every day in term time to catch the bus to Kingston. At that time many of the big houses were still standing but one by one, probably as the owners died or they became too much for them, they were demolished and flats built. Even today there are some (...Read full memory)

I lived as a child at 49, Washington Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, which I learnt to relate parrot fashion as a 5 or 6 year old in case I got lost. We had a black dustbin with the Number 49 on it, a monkey puzzle tree in the garden, and a neighbour was an "old" lady who made fireworks. Next door was a family with (...Read full memory)

I remember Mr Morley, who owned the bakers at the corner of Longfellow Road, roping the bread delivery cart , fully loaded, to the back of his old Ford car and pulling it up the hill to his shop at the top , with the delivery man, who only had part of one arm, swinging between the shafts of the cart. The poor old delivery (...Read full memory)

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