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Memories of Worcester Park

My grandparents lived for a short time in 'Pevensey', Cheam Hill (as it was known I believe) where my mother was born. This would be 1921. They also lived in Colbourne Way, Worcester Park, before moving to Neasden. I understand that this place on Cheam Hill was bought by a Mr Honey and was turned into some sort of commercial school. Any information on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

I lived in Worcester Park from when I was born (1939) until early 1956 when I joined the RAF as an apprentice. The lad in the picture (W455012) could so easily have been me (it isn't) because I was often there looking in the model shop window, as he is. Memories of Keil Kraft and Jetex and balsa wood (...Read full memory)

The concrete streetlamps only appeared in the mid-1950s. Before then, the street lights were puny strutures housing ONE electric bulb. Everything was very dark at night. You would think that all the motorists would drive around on dipped beams, but no...Everyone drove on sidelights as use of headlamps was (...Read full memory)

Before he died in 1993 I persuaded my Dad, Ted Simmonds, to write his life story. This turned out to be fascinating, and included his account of the Coventry Blitz, when he was able to get the necessary services and equipment laid on the next day to give the traumatised citizens much-needed tea and buns. The story (...Read full memory)

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