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Worcester Photographic Memories

Worcester Photographic Memories

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Caption for Worcester, High Street C1950: The crowds present in this view suggest a Saturday morning. This is the north end of High Street, which seems to have had an abundance of shoe shops in 1950: Trueform (on the left) was a popular chain for decades, and Olivers (on the right), is still trading today - but who now remembers Dick's Central Boot Stores?

An extract from Worcester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Worcester, High Street c1950

This shot of the High Street presents the signage for the Cadena Cafe, a chain of national cafes (in the 'Lyon's' mould) where shoppers met for coffee and light meals. I have fond memories of visiting the cafe with family and friends, and in particular the stairway down to the coffee lounge, below street level. The coffee (...Read full memory)

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