Memories of Worksop, the Swimming Pool c1955

The swimming pool someone asked was next to the Canch and I think the other side of the memorial garden. and across from The Priory. . I was born and grew up in Worksop and my father was a dentist on Newcastle street. My parents built the house which was also the surgery when I was young. Thanks ben allison

I remember swimming in Worksop Lido almost everyday during the summer - or so it seemed.  We swam in the early morning before school, we swam '5 'til 6' after school (cost 4d) and sometimes on a Saturday morning for two hours for even less.  It must have been cold but we didn't notice.  The only time that we did notice was when we (...Read full memory)

I remember it being very cold when we had 8.30 swimming lessons before school. The teacher used to shout at us and I got my bronze certificate because I was too scared not to jump in the deep end when she told me. I struggled down the pool with her holding out a sort of rubber sling on (...Read full memory)

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