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Caption for Worthing, St Andrew's Church 1890: Although the Gothic style flint and Bath stone cruciform church was completed in 1886, it was not consecrated until 1888 due to strong and often bitter opposition from the rector of Broadwater and the vicars of Christchurch and Holy Trinity. Worthing's religious development had, during the 19th century, been profoundly influenced by the evangelical nature of worship at St Mary's Broadwater, and with the exception of Heene, all the churches in the town were strongly evangelical. Most Worthing churches smelt of polished floors and woodwork, rather than incense! St Andrew's still retains its High Church character and the congregation includes many non-parishioners who prefer the ritualistic style of worship. Meanwhile, the old Chapel of Ease, now St. Paul's, gradually returned from extreme evangelicalism to the middle ground before being closed a few years ago, due to the building fabric having become dangerous. Although some non-conformists were reluctant, all denominations gradually accepted the Gothic revival. The Baptist Chapel in Christchurch Road, built in brick and flint, reflected this style and was opened for divine worship on 18 March 1885.

Memories of Worthing

I very much enjoyed a short holiday at The Beach Hotel on Worthing seafront in 1976, it was very grand back then, marvellous food and excellent service and a short walk from the wonderful Roberts Wine Lodge and the pier. Sadly this hotel has now been demolished and replaced with a Premier Inn

In about 1935, when I was 5 years old, my Grandfather used to take us all on gentle rides into the South Downs from his home at 11 Gaisford Road in his circa 1930 Hillman Minx. The beloved Minx was not turbo-charged and could probably manage to reach 50mph downhill following a scintillating acceleration to (...Read full memory)

My first paid job was working at the Boating Pool in 1956 or 1957 for the three weeks of the spring school holiday. There were two adults, the boss whose name I've long forgotten and an older man as his deputy whose name I've never forgotten - Mr Press, who at some time had been a press photographer. I managed to (...Read full memory)

I was born in the war years in Broadwater, we moved to Goring when I was 2 years old. I grew up in open fields and smallholdings and nurseries. I remember going down to the beach and playing on what is now the Greensward, then it was streams and ponds, tall tussock grass and full of wild life. I used to wade in the ponds to (...Read full memory)

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