Bakery Department.

A Memory of Wrexham.

I attended the Bakery Department Denbighshire Tech. from 1960 to 1962. Mr Nash and Mr Hawkins were the tutors. I went to the Tech rather than getting a job in a bakery because my Youth Employment officer said I was too small for bakery work and needed to gain weight and strength!
I won the Burton cup and the Renshaw cup during my time there. I can remember all my classmates but not all their names! Tom Dooley gave me a ride back to Ellesmere Port with my big silver cup on his scooter! Wild ride! I remember a girl with tight curly hair called Angie, also Gwyneth, Brenda, Mike, John Ptitchard, and Donald Mac Master from Rhyl where I worked 2 holiday jobs and lived at his house (his dad was the local vet), he had a sister called Margaret. I remember vividly the big red dragons on the tiles up the staircase at Tech. The Queen visited Wrexham one year and we made the cakes for the official afternoon tea, I remember they were the best Petite Fours I have made. I have been retired one year now after 50 years of baking and yes - I put on weight - too much! I had my own bakery with my wife here in Woodville, New Zealand for 27 of those years. Does anyone else from the Bakery Department from 1960 - 1963 remember me? Is the old Tech. still there?

With thanks to Ian Mabbitt for this memory of Wrexham

Added 21 October 2010


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I attended Wrexham Tech from 1956 to 1959...we sat the tech entrance exam at 13. I was attending the village school in Aldford and was one of several boys who sat the exam. About 3 of us passed over two years and after that there were no others. I vividly remember those days at the tech... Fav teacher would be Lewis Carter Jones. ... who was very approachable and always prepared to listen...PE Was Ron Pierce. A very fair but strict teacher. Mr Beavin was Headmaster. I had the long walk every day from the Beast Market bus terminus to the tech through the town. Not good on a wet day. Rugby was the preferred sport but oddly Wrexham FC used our pitch for their training.. lots of names of pupils spring to mind and I often wonder what became of the most closest friends I made achieved in life.. mostly I enjoyed my days at the tech.. it was a very new school when I went and quite exciting... and now almost difficult to visualise the surrounding area as it was in the late sixties. Malcolm Mursell

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