Old Maps of Wroughton

Historic Maps of Wroughton and the local area.

We as a family (the Olleys) lived for the first 14 years of my life on Priors Hill. I remeber having to go to Jackson's shop and Dick Preddy's for shopping, bread for my mum - a collie dog used to chase me every time down bakers road - I used to peddle my bike like the clappers and he never caught me!! I remember running down (...Read full memory)

Me and our Jane knights was born at 20 Brimble Hill to Bob and Doreen Wiltshire. We then moved into Weir Side Ave with nan and Gramp, Frank and Dolly Wiltshire when our mother left. Have memories from before she left but the happiest are from when we moved in with nan and Gramp. I am the eldest of us 8 grandchildren, who are (...Read full memory)