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Im an American USAF retired TSgt thatwas stationed at the Hosp in 1954/5 and I married a girl from Swindon in 1957 Sadie Waters that lived a7 47 Havelock Street. We were vmarried at St Pauls Church in Swindon, We now live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA and have been married 62 years. Would love to hear from anyone from the era of 1954-57

My parents moved from East London to Swindon and then to Wroughton in 1954. My parents were Pat and Geoff Leach. I am Janet (Leach - now Ford) and my sister penny was born in the maternity hospital in Swindon in 1958. My Wroughton memories are living in Snapps Close (just off Priors Hill) and of walking to school and (...Read full memory)

Me and our Jane knights was born at 20 Brimble Hill to Bob and Doreen Wiltshire. We then moved into Weir Side Ave with nan and Gramp, Frank and Dolly Wiltshire when our mother left. Have memories from before she left but the happiest are from when we moved in with nan and Gramp. I am the eldest of us 8 grandchildren, who are (...Read full memory)

My greatest memory was the summer evenings during the 1976 heat wave playing 123 & in in Manor Close. I spent many an evening pulling the pines from my clothes having hidden in the conifurs outside 12 priors Hill. We were never board if I remember, sometimes mischeveous but never board (nothing wrong with a bit of apple (...Read full memory)

I remember as a little girl pushing the roundabout to get to the walk that passed the little stream. My mother was from Wroughton and I was born there in 1952. My mother married an American serviceman. Mom was Sylvia Neathway and she married James Jordon. They have both passed away. My dad loved England and we would go back (...Read full memory)

We as a family (the Olleys) lived for the first 14 years of my life on Priors Hill. I remeber having to go to Jackson's shop and Dick Preddy's for shopping, bread for my mum - a collie dog used to chase me every time down bakers road - I used to peddle my bike like the clappers and he never caught me!! I remember running down (...Read full memory)

When I was at the grammar school in Swindon, I used to catch the Hawkins bus at The Three Tuns. On the way, I would go into the Bakery for a hot roll from the real fire oven. The 'shop' was in the Bakery adjacent to the ovens and was nice and warm on a cold day. Fred Morse, who worked there, used to let me get rolls (...Read full memory)

We were brought up in Wroughton and my dad worked at Burderop hospital as a nurse in the 1970s to the very early 1980s. We had a staff house in the grounds of the hospital. I have so many happy childhood memories of being brought up there and going to school in the village. One of the most vivid and enjoyable was that (...Read full memory)

My parents (Mr C and Mrs P Gosling) used to own a fish and chip shop for 6 years. I have a fantastic memory growing up with my 6 brothers and sisters in that big house (please see photo). It had 14 rooms (including the cellar). The house was haunted and it didn't bother me and my family at all. We (...Read full memory)

thi8s is dawn downey from brisbane australia,have been living here for 38 years and still treasure memories of my school days in wroughton .My sister virginia still lives there.If anyone sees this ,let ginny know...Remember the old school by the moat,miss morgan was our teacher,,,happy days,,we then moved to chiseldon