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West Midlands Living Memories

West Midlands Living Memories

The photo 'Yardley, Blakesley Hall c1965' appears in this book.

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Caption for Yardley, Blakesley Hall C1965: Until incorporated into Birmingham in 1911, Yardley had been a rural Worcestershire manor for nearly 1,000 years, but only the church and a couple of timber-framed buildings survive from those days. This is one of them, a beautiful Elizabethan property rebuilt on the site of an earlier moated house by prosperous merchant Richard Smallbroke in 1575.

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Memories of Yardley

I lived in Stoney Lane with my parents between about 1959 and 1968.  In 1961 I started at Hobmoor Primary School on Hobmoor Road.  I was under 5 years old and terrified of the thought of going to school.  To get to school from our house we had to pass the front of the Yew Tree pub (pictured) and in a desperate (...Read full memory)

Hi, my name is Milly and I am 10 years old. I have lived in Yardley for 9 years and I have lots good friends where I live and I go to Hobmoor Primary School and I have lots of lovely friends and where I live is okay.

We (Myself and my Wife) lived there for a months time in Dec 2006. It was a greatful and romantic experience... The excellent view towards the coventry road, unusual sun light during the late afternoon and the buses and vehicles through the coventry road gave us a great feel. The lovely chillness (...Read full memory)

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