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Cheshire Photographic Memories

Cheshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Alderley Edge, the Railway Station 1896' appears in this book.

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Caption for Alderley Edge, The Railway Station 1896: Originally named Alderley, the station became Alderley & Chorley in April 1853, and Alderley Edge in January 1876. The station closed to goods traffic on 30 November 1964; both Wilmslow and Chelford closed for goods on 4 May 1970; Styal in 1963; and Handforth in 1958. Heavy use of these stations by commuters has ensured their remaining open.

An extract from Cheshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Alderley Edge

I lived at 100 heyes lane. Alderley edge. For about five years from 1950 to 1955. Went to Alderley edge school. Teacher mrs Gibson. My name then was Ann Christina Taylor. My father grew vegetables on his allotment. He worked for ICI in wilmslow. I remember a man selling goldfish in bottles at the entrance to school lane. (...Read full memory)

My parents and grandparents bought Clockhouse Farm in 1938, following the break-up and sale by auction of the Stanley Estate.  A photograph of the farmhouse was shown on one of the pages of the brochure describing the property available at the auction sale.  I believe the farm, some 75 acres with the (...Read full memory)

This photo has troubled me for quite a long time. I spent my childhood in Alderley and the surrounding countryside and I feel this young boy is me. Unfortunately the date doesn't stack up, if it is me it would have been about 1965 and the girl was called Christine. Only she could verify! Thank you for your (...Read full memory)

I have a copy of the property sales of the estate and it's amazing to see the prices. The photo are good too.

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