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A crinoline-clad Victorian lady delicately picks her way across the stepping stones which cross the River Rothay, near Ambleside. Ladies were never seen in walking trousers or breeches in those days!

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I have just been going through some old photos of my dads. He grew up in Ambleside in the 1930’s and 1940’s. His dad was the local bank manager I believe. He lived in a house called Merewood Cottage. I was wondering if anyone knew where this is. He also mentions a house called Bank House. Any information anyone could share would be very welcome.


We as a family first stayed at Rothay Manor in Ambleside in 1953 and it was then that I had my first experiences in fell walking, trout fishing and negotiating the nearby "Stepping Stones" across the river Rothay. Climbing proper was out of the question, a sport reserved for those qualified in this hazardous pastime. I was present in the Lake District on 23rd July 1955 when Donald Campbell broke ...see more

Well I wasn't around in 1926 and it was certainly much busier by the 70's when I worked on the launches. You'd never see an empty prom then, at any time of year. One thing unchanged seems to be that launch. I'm sure it is Lotus, she was a beauty very graceful, fast and a joy to drive. Not much dry space for passengers when it rained though. On the other hand glorious in sunny weather! Where is she now though? I bet she's still going strong.

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