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Old Maps of Barrow

Historic Maps of Barrow and the local area.

My father, Archibald Brown Mckinlay, came to Barrow in 1900 with his parents, Samuel Laing Brown Mckinlay and Margaret Mckinlay. They lived at 22 Duncan Street, Barrow. Samuel was born in Greenock, Scotland and came to Barrow in 1881 to work in the shipyard. He lodged with the Hutchinson family 43 St Vincent (...Read full memory)

Born at the Risedale Maternity Home in 1933 we first lived in James Street. I think it was 1937 when we moved to Clevelands Avenue in the new Beacon Hill estate. Barrow was bombed in May 1941 but it was the older part of the town that suffered the most damage. I recall, as a boy, going round the streets looking for (...Read full memory)