Barrow, Cumbria (near Dalton-In-Furness)

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Apparently, there was housing built for ship-building families along Duke Street. These were heavily damaged by bombing raids in the Second World War we hear, and presumed demolished. I am wondering about any info on these dwellings. My paternal grandmother's ancestors lived in them in 1871 for sure, at 269 Duke Street, (...Read full memory)

I was born in Barrow in 1954, later living in Dalton and Ulverston up to 1970. Many happy memories of a trip to the Ritz Cinema, but the one that stood out was Mutiny On The Bounty made in 1962 starring Marlon Brando & Trevor Howard. Probably my first visit. Also Abbey Road always appeared a grand entrance to the town a wide road and trees either side.