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For Mums everywhere

Published on March 17th, 2023

As Mothering Sunday approaches, we celebrate mums everywhere with your shared memories and some touching photographs.

See mothers and their children doing their shopping, pushing heavy coach-built prams, playing on the beach, or on holiday all dressed up in their best clothes. And how did they manage to keep their children so neat and clean in their crisp white pinafores!

Photo: Sidmouth, Fashionable Ladies 1924.

"Some years ago I gave my mother a book of Old Weybridge photos for Mothering Sunday as this is where she was brought up. Imagine her surprise, on seeing this picture of Queens Road in Weybridge, to realise that the two people on the far right were her mother and younger sister, Edith & Lesley Johnson. She recognised her mother instantly from the distinctive hat, which she is also wearing in my mother's wedding photos!"

Photo: Weybridge, Queen's Road c.1955.
Memory: My Grandma & Aunt

Photo: Arundel, Castle 1906.

Photo: Sidmouth, Esplanade 1918.

Photo: St Anne's, Mother And Children 1914.

While the harbour area is well known to tourists, the true village of Boscastle in Cornwall climbs a steep hill to the south, where it was by-passed in 1886. In this view village children and their mothers pose while the men are out at work, probably fishing or farming.

Photo: Boscastle, A Village Family 1906.

"I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this photo and the year it was taken. I was born in 1960 and my mam already had my two older brothers to look after, one was 3 and the other 1. She took us all to the shops one day, this would have only been a short walk from South Street, which was at the back of the shops, my two brothers had her mithered all round the shops, she says, so she just got a few things from the shop next door to the Co-op, called Maypole and headed back home. A few hours later my dad came home from work, looked around and asked "Where's our Susan?" - me mam says she went sick! She'd only gone and left me outside the shop!! They ran back round to the shop - yes, I was still there in my posh Silvercross pram, 3 hours later! I love reminding her of that! So that's why I'm ordering this print for Mother's Day! And we'll all have a good laugh!. (I ended up being 1 of 6 kids in the end.)
My dad became caretaker at Simms Cross school later on (Percy Gill, he sadly died in 2006 age 70, or fell off the perch, as he'd put it!) and now that's gone and been replaced by ASDA. The road in the photo is now just for pedestrians and the shops in the photo have different names, except Woolies, but even that has sadly closed as from last month (January 2009)!

Photo: Widnes, Albert Road c.1960.
Memory: Where's Our Susan!

Oh, how children love to make sand castles just so that they can then knock them down or jump on them. Here this cute toddler only has two more to go!

Photo: Trusthorpe, The Beach c.1955.

Danielle Lainton saw this photograph on the Frith website, and posted this memory against it:
"The girl in the pushchair is my mother, born in 1949, and the lady behind is one of my great aunts. Three of my great aunts built and ran the store and post office at the bottom of the village."

Photo: Hixon, Leaving The Post Office c.1952.

Photo: Kendal, A Family In Stricklandgate 1888.

Photo: Cromer, Family At The Telescope c.1955.

Photo: Looe, Mother And Daughters 1922.

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Join the thousands who receive our regular doses of warming nostalgia! Have our latest blog posts and archive news delivered directly to your inbox. Absolutely free. Unsubscribe anytime.