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I lived in Burgess Hill from 1961 - 1980 with my adopted Parents Ray and Margaret Harbour and their daughter Alison I went to London road C.P. school from 1963 - 1968 my classmates were Alison Webb, caroline Rodgers, Martin Duffy Stephen Ide who I share a birthday with 60! Richard brough (...Read full memory)

My mother Gladys Robertson was a matron at St Peter's Court when Rev. Charles Hobley presided and his son McDonald Hobley attended. Unfortunately I have very little other details other than a school group photograph. Would anyone have any details of the school, photographs etc that may include anything related to my (...Read full memory)

I was born in Burgess Hill in 1947 and lived there until 1971. I lived in St. Wilfrid's Road and went to Junction Road Primary School. Our headmaster was John Freestone, who was quite a well known singer, and a very kind and gentle man. Once I was sent out of 'Music and Movement' for hiding under a table, and when he (...Read full memory)

Another great pic of Chanctonbury. I have a recollection of a road called wingletire or something like that (excuse spelling) would that be the road on the left of this picture, if so our old house could be in the picture, number 186. Mike

Lovely pic of Chanctonbury Rd. grew up in this road in the early 60s , no 186. Pretty much as i remember it, hardly anyone had a car. Just joined this group and hope to find out much more and discover more photos. Sadly i was to young to remember to much. Mike

I was a student at Oakmeeds before it went comprehensive. In those days we had huge playing fields looked after by my mate's dad Mr Agate. The footpath ran straight through the school and the general public could walk through anytime. All the blocks were seperate so we got soaked then it rained between lessons, it didn't (...Read full memory)

I could easily be in the photo of people watching cricket at St Johns Park , Burgess Hill . I lived in the block of flats at the far end of the photo , behind the tall trees , from 1960 to 1964 . I was age 7 - 11 during those years . I watched the Burgess Hill cricket team play almost every Saturday they played at home (...Read full memory)

I just read Martin Doonan's memories of Burgess Hill at London Road primary school . I lived in Burgess Hill from 1960 to 64 . Looking at the old photos bring back great memories . I was in Martin's class and remember your nickname was ' Doodlebug ' , Martin . I can remember David Bye ( nickname Bye Bye ) , (...Read full memory)

I lived in silverdale road from about 1960-1972 and went to dicker house and then to pneu school. We did our sewing class on the front lawn in the summer by a beautiful labernum tree. Swimming at the local pool and the goose fair! All happy memories!

My father worked at Wiggins Sankey in the 50's and 60's, his name was Cyril Clarke but I think most people called him Noby Clarke