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Lincolnshire Living Memories

Lincolnshire Living Memories

The photo 'Chapel St Leonards, the Esplanade c1955' appears in this book.

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This is the village centre, and it holds very special memories for the author. It is more than likely that among the people either getting off or getting on the green Lincolnshire double decker 'bus is the author with his mother and sister ! We had family holidays each year at Chapel St Leonards, and in the days before cars were affordable we went by train to Skegness and onwards by 'bus to the caravan. Cannings (left) are first mentioned in 1930, when a Miss Canning had a haberdashery store; Stow's Stores (right) is still in the same place.

An extract from Lincolnshire Living Memories.

Memories of Chapel St Leonards, the Esplanade c1955

When I was around 11 years old in the early '60s we used to go to Chapel every year and stayed in Standish Bungalow. It was owned by my mother's employer who allowed us to go there as a reward for her devoted service. Lovely bungalow and so full of character and very secluded. I recall one year my father found a large box kite in the bungalow and suggested that we fly it on the beach, ...see more

So many memories of holidays here. We stayed in a small Caravan on a farm run by Mr & Mrs Johnson. They had a son and daughter, Lynne and Dean. I was a baby, and Mrs Johnson used to wash my nappies! They were so good to us. I was about seven when we stopped going there, as we travelled to other places. The Johnson's Caravan housed the five of us. There was a chip shop, I remember that ...see more

The blind man was my uncle Bernard Lamiman. He was supported by St Dunstan. He was a lovely gentle man, I used to sit on the sea wall with him chatting, and he always showed me his braille pocket watch.

I have spent many happy holidays in Chapel. My Dad had two weeks holiday from the Prudential and he and Mum and I would head off on hols. I specifically remember fossil hunting on Chapel Point beach, there I also learned to swim. I remember too the esplanade, there was a walk through with an amusement arcade and the best fish and chip shop in the world, I can smell it now. Remeber when the first ...see more

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