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Memories of Cippenham, the Green 1950

I lived my early years in Millstream Lane in the 1960s up to 1974. It was a wonderful place to grow up. Just off the NW corner of the Green on Greg's farm there was a barn with a number of rusting old vehicles and farm machinery scattered around. Besides threshers and early tractors, there were some WW2 military vehicles including half-tracks, an American troop lorry and best of all an amphibious DUKW which was ...see more

I attended the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints little Church (not Morman) next door to the pig farm when I was 24 years old. Because of the love and friendship I received there, I had the opportunity to come to America as one of the families agreed to sponsor me. Forty-four years later, I still attend the same Church (now called the Community of Christ) in Lima, Ohio.

This is beside the green where rival gangs of kids built and guarded their bonfires on Nov 5th, up on the corner is dads school (the museum has his report card) it was a pig farm when I was a kid! Next to it was the tin tabernacle and oppsite a bungalow where a chap had the key to the sluice to flood the rough part of the green for skating during the winter, in dad's time. Behind the photgraper was (Gt) Aunt Flo's house and behind that Gregory's plum orchard, great scrumping!

Added 10 August 2008
My great grandfather Thomas Peck was born at Cippenham Green in 1844 and his birth was registered by his mother Jane.

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