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The footpath on the left of the picture used to be narrow with a hedgerow and trees running all the way along to the first lamp post on the left. There was a gap in the hedge on the left where a track used to lead to some farm buildings a house. As a toddler while walking to the shops with my mum, I walked up the track a little, only to disturb a german shepherd which started to bark furiously. Scared out of my ...see more
The piece of land on the left in the foreground is now a car park with the Ambulance Station and Health Clinic behind. I worked as an Ambulance Man and was based there when it opened, moving from Thurrock Station in Hogg Lane. The Local Traffic Warden, Jean, who lived in Chadwell St Mary, used to pop in for a cuppa from time to time. She was very friendly and was always being told off by her policeman boss for not ...see more
Looking towards the very end of the road, it bends left on it's way out towards One Tree Hill and the A13 as at was. When I was about 12 years old I remember that an Eastern National Omnibus, double decker, came round the bend, or didn't,and left the road crashing in to one of the detached houses just in view down on the far right of the picture. It was there for a day or two before it could be removed. I think it ...see more
The road branching to the left is Lampits Hill Avenue. The telephone box there used to be used by the local Bobbies in order to check in with their sergeant back at the station. I had a classmate called Russell who's dad was a chimney sweep. Russell was with a friend one afternoon when he saw the Bobby in the phone box making a call, bike leaning against the box. Without a moments hesitation Russell took the bike ...see more
On the right is a bus stop and the Bungalow behind this stop housed the village dentist, Deitrich. I remember when he was diagnosed with TB and we all had to have chest xrays. Further down on the right are two large trees. The largest one was seen to be very unsteady one windy day. The Council had been called and they were in attendance assessing the situation. Suddenly it was apparent that the tree was about to ...see more
This picture was taken outside the Bus Shelter and public toilets in the centre of old Corringham where the number 2A Eastern National Buses used to stop for a 15 min break on the journey from Southend to Grays. Directly opposite used to be the village cobbler, Bob. Bob the Snob to his friends. As a mid teenager I used to visit Bob and sit and watch him work and we used to talk for hours sometimes. There was an old ...see more
I too used to drink at The Bull. Prior to being of age we used to try our luck but were never successful. They had a Public Bar and a Saloon Bar. If I remember, the owners name was Charlie, and he was helped by his son-in-law Bob. Next to the Bull on the right was a detached cottage lived in by a Cow Man working in the farm next door. Young's Farm. Jim Young lived in Corringham Hall with his elderly mother. He had ...see more
The footpath running down the side of The Bull took you to Herd Lane School and beyond. On the left of the footpath is a disused quarry, which was a popular fishing venue called Woodies Pond. Audawn Coaches were based at the entrance to Woodies. There was also a shop selling fishing gear. We used to buy a 6 foot bamboo cane from Bouches the Ironmongers in Lampits Hill then buy a 3/6 reel, some eyes, line, float, hooks and weights. ...see more
As you look at this picture, the hedgerow and trees on the right hid an old spring water bottling plant. It was all very basic. We discovered it one day on a trip to One Tree Hill. As a 'gang' of boys from Goldsmiths Avenue, we used to wander all over the place exploring and tree climbing. We had a tree along the Corringham Road, before The Manorway was built, that had the top cut off leaving a large flat area that ...see more
I left Corringhamin 1956 when I was 11 years old I well remember the Bull Inn as I passed it every Sunday on my way to church, my dad was the rector there for 21 years. I remember all the coaches that took the church members on trips to the seaside in the summer and to the pantomime around Christmas time. Someone mentioned the conker tree near his grandparents house and I remember all the conker trees which lined ...see more