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Travel back in time and revisit the landmarks and places of the past in this popular series. Focussing on photos taken before the 1960's, and with hundreds of titles, there are bound to be many covering places of interest to you, your friends and family.

There are 310 books in this series. Scroll down for what to expect in your Photographic Memories book.

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Books in this series

What to expect from a Photographic Memories book.

Read on for a little more information about our Photographic Memories books, and see sample pages from some of them.

Relevant and engaging to all

Relevant and engaging to all

These wonderful books are of interest to old and young and make a great talking point, sparking many memories and providing hours of enjoyable reading and reminiscing. Over 300 titles have been published. Photo is Scarborough, Holiday Chalets c.1955, from Around Scarborough Photographic Memories.

Real life captured in photos

Real life captured in photos

Real people pass through the pages of these books: people whose names we do not know, captured for a moment at the edge of a photograph before they moved out of frame and back into their lives. Photo is Market Drayton, Market Day 1911, from Shropshire Photographic Memories.

Photographic portraits of our towns

Photographic portraits of our towns

Special selections of our photographs are brought to life for the reader with extended captions to offer a fascinating portrait of the area in years gone by, written by talented and knowledgable local authors. Photo is Abergavenny, Cross Street 1898, from Around Abergavenny Photographic Memories.

Here are some sample pages from books in this series - click one to enlarge.

Personalise your Book

Most of our books are printed individually to your order, allowing you to add a personal message when you buy that will be printed on the title page at no extra cost, making our books a great gift or keepsake.

There is simply nothing like receiving a gift that has been specially chosen with you in mind. Our individually printed, personalised books are the perfect way to show you care and are ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and leaving or retirement occasions.

Add a dedication to the title page

Poetry Books and those in our 'Stock Books' category cannot be personalised. Available in paperback or hardback as specified.

Free Mounted Photo Print

These books include a voucher for a free Frith Photo Print.

Turn to the back of your Frith book and find a voucher for a free mounted print of a Frith photo of your choice. Simply choose any photo from the book, return the completed voucher with a small payment for P&P. We will then print it in sepia and mount it for you in our Medium Standard mount.

A Frith photo print

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