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Britain, though small in size, is rich in legend and mystery, with more than its fair share of ancient sites and monuments. Visit some of them in the pages of this book, packed with historical photographs from The Francis Frith Collection, and find out about some of the best-known prehistoric sites, as well as a number of lesser-known but equally fascinating examples. This book is intended for all those who love our countryside and our rich cultural legacy. The ancient monuments included in this book span the period from the Neolithic age to the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasion and the Dark Ages, from chambered long barrows to Saxon crosses, from the time of stone implements to the use of metals, from the illiterate to the written word, from symbols on stone to ink from parchments, from tribal society to organised kingships. The photograph captions and chapter introductions - which sometimes trespass outside the contents of the photographs - create a broader picture of events than can perhaps be gleaned from the picture; they are intended to promote interest with those readers who wish to either pursue field archaeology from the comforts of their chairs, as well as those who may wish to don walking boots and seek out those monuments in their natural setting.

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  • 128 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-85937-864-9
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