Old Maps of Geddington

Historic Maps of Geddington and the local area.

Memories of Geddington

Read and share your memories of Geddington itself or of a particular photo of Geddington.

The two girls seen in this photo of the ford at Geddington in the mid 1950s aren’t me and my sister, but they easily could have been! We used to visit my grandmother at Geddington regularly around this time, and this was one of our favourite spots to go and play, feed the swans and generally splash (...Read full memory)

My grandmother was born in Geddinton Nov. 4, 1888. She was baptized and confirmed at St. Mary Magdalene. I have the prayer book she was given at her Confirmation. Her name was Agnes Mary Hopkins, the daughter of York and Rebecca Hopkins. She emigrated to Canada with her sister, Emily Whitney in 1910. My father visited (...Read full memory)