Old Maps of Little Walsingham

Historic Maps of Little Walsingham and the local area.

Memories of Little Walsingham

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The up to date story is that I joined the Salvation Army in London and my mother met one of the Bobbins family at the trade HQ. I am retired now and live in Shirley, Croydon and attend the Lewisham Salvation Army. I knew Leslie Condon who came from Fakenham nearby to Walsingham. When I visited Walsingham this year I (...Read full memory)

I was evacuated to Walsingham and stayed with Mr & Mrs Nelson in Mount Pleasant. I attended the local school and then moved on to the school in Wells. Our neighbours were the son and his wife and a son called Charlie. The son worked on a farm and had an allotment. He had a pony and trap and kept a large pig (...Read full memory)