Old Maps of Fowey

Historic Maps of Fowey and the local area.

Memories of Fowey

Read and share your memories of Fowey itself or of a particular photo of Fowey.

I was born and grew up in Fowey 1930 - 1948. It was a small tight community in those days but often visited by "outsiders " who came on holiday. I went to Fowey Girls and Infants School first, and then having "passed the Scholarship " went on to Fowey Grammar School, which my father had attended before me, (...Read full memory)

I have wonderful memories of Fowey, as a teenager I used to go and stay with a lovely lady in a cottage leading down to the centre. She had a son and daughter but I think they had left home, one to go nursing and the other in the Navy. I remember how the ships used to come into Fowey for the china clay, and the young (...Read full memory)