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For well over 10 years now, we've been inviting visitors to our web site to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was when the photographs in our archive were taken. From brief one-liners explaining a little bit more about the image depicted, to great, in-depth accounts of a childhood when things were rather different than today (and everything inbetween!). We've had many contributors recognising themselves or loved ones in our photographs. Why not add your memory today and become part of our Memories Community to help others in the future delve back into their past.

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I went to fornethy residential school when I was five and nine years old and I was very happy thare I loved the long walks through the woods and walking down the stoney brae to the burn to paddle our feet and we had to pass a farm to get to the burn and everyone would hold their nose because of (...Read full memory)

I have been reading lots of accounts of how bad Fornethy was, of beatings, and abuse, but I didn't experience any of that. I was there twice, including for my 11th birthday in May 1970. I have a letter I sent home which is very obvious to me in my own words. One thing I had forgotten was the crow (...Read full memory)

I remember being there twice with my sister sure it was 1970 and 71 remember holding my knife wrong and getting slapped in the face and hit on the knuckles with the knife being physically sick with getting made to eat food that I didn’t like left to stand in corridors in my underwear punched I hated this place and nobody believed us was bad getting sent once but we got to go twice (lucky us )

Any girls former pupils e mail

Hi irene im fornethy group can u e mail me please ,x

When'd to Fornethie house 1976 I was made to stand in corridor for 5 hours in my underwear it was freezing I was slapped kicked the cruelty they inflicted needs to be told.

I was at the school 77 I think possibly 78. I remember trying to run away a couple of times & also being mortified at having to stand naked in a queue while we were ‘bathed’ 2 at a time in a small room, & being washed.we weren’t allowed to wash ourselves.Your letters home were read & ripped up (...Read full memory)

i am 62 years old and the memories of this place never goes away every single day i have thought about this horrible place for 55 years it still haunts me , i was in primary school when the nurse asked me if i would like to go a lovely little holiday i lived in Bridgeton at the time i was so excited (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the crow in the big cage in the woods I think I was in this home in the late 60s early 70s with my sister Roslyn still have nightmares of that place some man climbing in the windows in one of the dormitories to getting t biscuit and a glass of milk if you wasn't bed wetter horrible place

I will never forget Fornethy residential till the day I die. I remember it was in the 80s. I’m sure I was in primary 6 or 7 and my friends and I begged our parents to go what I thought would be an amazing adventure. I remember my mum packing all my lovely new clothes and sent me on my way. I was quite (...Read full memory)