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Memories of Gateshead

I was born at 50 Milling Street in 1955. I had my Auntie and Uncle living a few doors down. I was one of 6 kids so there were 8 of us crammed into our upstairs flat. The toilet was outside and downstairs in the backyard while the tin bath hung on the wall outside!! How life has changed for young families today in 2017. (...Read full memory)

Hello. Newbie here. Found site during an attempt to clear up some confusion on a Teams, Gateshead FB page. Is anyone out there an old pupil of Redheugh School, in Prest Street, during 50s and 60s? If so, you might be able to help. Was it the case that R took in mixed infants at 5 and then, at some point, kids moved (...Read full memory)

Tony Stafford. I lived in Gateshead from 1954 to 1961. For several years my friends and I attended Shipcote Baths most Saturday mornings, we learned to swim, dive, socialise, etc. Abiding memory is of staying in until, teeth chattering with cold, getting dried and hurrying over the road to a small cafe - (...Read full memory)

I attended Victoria Rd school and then redheugh junior school, my Gran Jane Turner lived on Derwentwater road and her family percy, Doreen, Elsie, Jenny and Florrie , my mam all attended lady Vernon school, sadly they are all gone now. I have great memories of playing in Woodsies park, kyle Lane Dairy and of (...Read full memory)

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