Gateshead, Robinson's Newsagent, Durham Road 1903

Memories of Gateshead

I was born in Nottingham and came to live in Gateshead when I was 4 years old. My mother was in the W.R.A.C and met my father when she was stationed down there. He was a Waiter in the Crown Hotel in Bawtry and was originally from Derbyshire. They were married in 1942 had me and my brother and decided to move to (...Read full memory)

I was born in Milling St 1941. I went to Redheugh Boys school between 1946 & 1956, I played for the school football & cricket team, we won the shield for cricket in 1955. I have great memories from my school days, some of my mates were Bob Turbett, Bill Stafford Leggy Evans, John Cook & many more, those were the good old days David Wilson.

Born in 1949 and living in Milling Street was the happiest and safest childhood you could wish for. My Gran and Grandad, Billy and Jessie Gibbons, lived in the same street. My name then was Ann Roberts and I went to Rose Street school and Vine Street Mission with Sister Winifred and Sister Kay. My Great (...Read full memory)

I lived in St Cuthberts Road Gateshead (born there) I have been trying to find out when Mulgrave Baths was demolished we spent lots of time there. I thought it was still standing in early 1970's my brother says it was gone then.Can anyone enlighten me please?

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