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THE ACT OF UNION in 1707 was bitterly reviled at the time, and even for many years afterwards - Robert Burns echoed popular sentiment when he dismissed the Scottish commissioners with the lines: 'We're bought and sold for English gold, Such a parcel o' rogues in a nation!' But Glasgow was very quick to benefit from the opening of trade with the American colonies.

Memories of Glasgow, Argyle Street 1897

My grandparents lived at 919 Argyle Street for many years and as a child my mum, sister and I lived with them, it was cramped, very cramped, and when I had mumps I slept in grannie's bed in the "hole in the wall" and played with magnetic letters on a tin tray for pleasure. My fondest memories of my grandparents' flat was standing "in the sink" by the window to watch the Orange Day Parades once a year. ...see more

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