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The Old House dates from 1612 and was originally a guildhall for the city's butchers. More recently it housed a branch of Lloyds Bank, who gave the building to the city in 1927. Today it is a most delightful museum. The new Lloyds Bank is the imposing building with the columns on the left of the photograph.

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The Hereford High School for Boys' playing fields were to the left in 1957. I attempted (I wasn't into sports at all, except Cross Country maybe) Rugby, athletics, cricket and cross country running from here.We used to throw stones across the river at this very point when we were boys. I once coxed our 5th form 8 from the Rowing Club down on the left to the (railway ?) bridge back behind this point. I ...see more

I remember being stationed at Bradbury Lines Barracks from 5th November 1957 until 1959 when I was moved to Woolwich prior to going to Dortmund in Germany. I courted a beautiful young Hereford girl called Joan Davies who lived on College Estate. She was naturally, a " Bulmers" girl. I absolutely loved the city. I think we used to use a cafe called Leonardo's (cos it had a juke box) and my local scrumpy joint was the 'Flower Bowl'. Most people knew me as 'Scouse Billy'. Great days!!!

I was an office boy at Franklin Barns. One of my jobs on a Wednesday was to go the cattle market and collect messages that where left in desks of the back room of The Market Tavern.It was a wonderful place; farmers, drovers, sheep dogs all doing business (not the dogs!) I can remember taking Cyril Franklis tea every morning at 10.30 in his office where he had a model of the new Franklin Barns building to ...see more

My Memory is of the Kerry Arms Hotel between 1972 to 1979. My parents were the Manager and Manageress and I was the oldest of 4. I was 6 when we moved there. My Sister Gail and I went to a little school around the corner called St Peters. It was an all girls school and I loved it. We were all certain that the hotel was haunted by a ghost (who we named Percy) we would hear lots of strange tales of things that occurred. Passed ...see more

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