Leverington, c.1965

Memories of Leverington

I was a West Midlands police cadet in 1978 and as such had to do 6 weeks of community service. For me this meant working with foreign students at the fruit picking camp in Leverington.  It was run by a guy in his 30s who came from Kings Lynn. It was the best time I ever had. I cooked, cleaned up, fetched and (...Read full memory)

It was after World War 1 that strawberry growing became important around the Wisbech area and as strawberry prices continued to rise so more and more strawberries were planted. Eventually, local labour could not cope with the picking so hundreds of poor people from London's East End (...Read full memory)

I had been in other camps in The Wisbech area, but always liked Leverington the best. I don't remember the two Ghana boys. At one stage we had a female to look after us, I do not remember her name. She used to make use of me as I had a scooter with me one year. Another time we had a guy again, I don't remember his (...Read full memory)

I am not sure of the date, but I remember very well being friends with Sheba who lived in this old house with her family, and being taken round to play a couple of times. We were in the same class at Leverington School. Although she probably doesn't remember me, I remember that house so well. It was beautiful. My maiden name was Piper and I lived close by on Roman Bank.

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