Leverington, c.1965

Memories of Leverington

I also worked for a couple of summers at the fruit picking camp and had a wonderful time meeting people from all over the world. The camp was very basic with army beds and blankets in tin huts but we had such a good time. Picked all sorts of fruit but particularily enjoyed the big bramley apple trees, they were quite (...Read full memory)

I had been in other camps in The Wisbech area, but always liked Leverington the best. I don't remember the two Ghana boys. At one stage we had a female to look after us, I do not remember her name. She used to make use of me as I had a scooter with me one year. Another time we had a guy again, I don't remember his (...Read full memory)

Hi - I dont know when it started or ended - but I was a part of it in the seasons 1975 and 76. It was at that time mainly Egyptian and Turkish students coming to make a few quids under the pretention to be learning English. I had at that time no idea about the muslim sacred ideas of what to eat or not to eat, or (...Read full memory)

I have fond memories of a garden fete held in the church grounds in 1982.I was staying at the farm camp nearby, picking fruit etc during the summer. Since me and a friend had such a wonderful time, we came back and spent the glorious summer of 1983 again at the farm camp at Leverington. I remember meeting a very (...Read full memory)

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