Leverington, c.1965

Memories of Leverington

Perry Como had just been playing 'No Other Love Have I'. That, and it's Saturday afternoon in Leverington. That night we held a party for all the other NUS Camps in the area. We had to clean and decorate and make the camp look nice. It is amazing what can be done with some newspaper and a pot of paint. Our guests (...Read full memory)

Hi - I dont know when it started or ended - but I was a part of it in the seasons 1975 and 76. It was at that time mainly Egyptian and Turkish students coming to make a few quids under the pretention to be learning English. I had at that time no idea about the muslim sacred ideas of what to eat or not to eat, or (...Read full memory)

I think it was July 1967. We arrived at Leverington hitch-hiking from the Continent. We were nineteen years old, and we had so little money that we had decided never to pay for accommodation until we got to Leverington. I remember we slept in a lean-to shed at the back of a pub. The pub owner had served us a few pints and listened to (...Read full memory)

I was a pupil at Leverington for 6 years. I started in 1964 and left in 1970. The headmaster was Mr Gibson. He lived in the house attached to the school. The first year teacher was Mrs Hall. The 2nd year teacher was Miss Whitlock. After that there was Mr Lamb, Mr Goulstone, Mrs Wilson and (...Read full memory)

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