Leverington, c.1965

Memories of Leverington

I am not sure of the date, but I remember very well being friends with Sheba who lived in this old house with her family, and being taken round to play a couple of times. We were in the same class at Leverington School. Although she probably doesn't remember me, I remember that house so well. It was beautiful. My maiden name was Piper and I lived close by on Roman Bank.

We lived at the old rectory, and a strange bunch we were...brothers Sinbad, Sadko and Gulliver. It is a pity it got burnt down! So many memories...we all went to the school with the marvellous Mr Gibson and also the local fantastic Doctor Walford. I also remember our lovely Vicar, Canon Hill.

Our family (the Fitzjohn's) used to live in the first of the bay fronted semis, after the terrace block, in line with the car. We would have moved in around 3-4 years after this photo was taken. The Maxey's lived in the next semi along and the Ashby's lived in the visible part of the thatched cottage. Further along, (...Read full memory)

I also worked for a couple of summers at the fruit picking camp and had a wonderful time meeting people from all over the world. The camp was very basic with army beds and blankets in tin huts but we had such a good time. Picked all sorts of fruit but particularily enjoyed the big bramley apple trees, they were quite (...Read full memory)

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