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Caption for Liverpool, The Royal Liver Building C1955: The second of the Pier Head buildings was the Royal Liver Building. This must be one of the most recognisable buildings in Great Britain. Started in 1908, it was one of the world's first multi-storied buildings using re-enforced concrete for its construction. It was finished three years later in 1911. It was designed by Aubrey Thomas in a very free style, with the two mythical liver birds perched on the top of its towers. The liver birds are made of hammered copper plates bolted together, and are 18ft high. Their wingspan is 12ft across. They were made by a man named George Cowper, who was backed by the Bromsgrove Guild; once they were satisfied with their work, they dismantled the statues and rebuilt them on top of the Liver Building, fixing them into place with a rolled steel armature and 25ft of girders.

An extract from Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories.

Memories of Liverpool, the Royal Liver Building c1955

This Building and its giant clock was the only way to know the time of day (no watches!) and the tram-car home left the pier-head by this clock and got us home for tea - costing 1d (penny) for a return. You could see this clock coming in from the New Brighton Ferry, and work out what tram you would be on!!

I remember Dale Street, on the right was the place where single mothers had to go to collect their benefit from the father of their child/ren, as ruled by the courts order!! Further along Dale Street you could cut up  Moorfield to Tithe Barn Street to the Stadium to watch either wrestling on a Thursday night or boxing on a Friday.

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