Old Maps of Marske

Historic Maps of Marske and the local area.

My uncle, Milton Beattie was gamekeeper to Sir James Baird, and he and his wife Connie lived in the gamekeeper's house on the far side of Clints - on the way to Orgate. My mum and I lived in the Hall Cottage, and I went to Marske School where Miss Marriner was the teacher, and we were all taught in one classroom. On nice sunny (...Read full memory)

Am trying to find out more about above-noted Lady. It seems she married Frederick Jepson in 1914. He went off to WW1, as a Trench-digger. When he came back, it is unknown what happened to Catherine. But in 1920, he married Eva Gosling. There is still a Sturman family in Redcar, owns an Antique shop. My grandfather (...Read full memory)