Millbrook, From Maker c.1955

Memories of Millbrook

My gran Emma jane Stacey and grandfather Walter john Stacey lived here . My father used to take us on the cremyl ferry across to Edgecombe and then we would bus it to Millbrook.. Sometimes we would be greeted by flood water in the quay and along the road into Millbrook.. scary for a small child (...Read full memory)

I, my sisters and my cousins often spent our summer holidays in the 50's with my Grandmother (Ivy Eddy nee Bryant) in her cottage by the culvert as shown in the photo of the creek. The boat wreck in the picture was a sailing barge owned by the Eddy's for hauling coal up to Millbrook from Devonport. The coal was then sacked up and (...Read full memory)

Hi, I was born in 1952 at Silver Terrace, Southdown, lived there till 1965, went to primary school at Blindwell Hill. I still have relatives living there, lots of older relatives buried there. Great memories of long summers wandering around Sango and the pits. The old Southdown social club, we used to have great fun on the (...Read full memory)

I read Steven Mewtons memories with interest. I too, was born in 1952 and often stayed with my Gran, aunts and uncles at No.5 Silver Terrace. She was Mrs Knight and my father was Jim, with brothers John, Fred and Alex and two sisters Mary and Elsie. I have wonderful memories of playing in the brickworks, with (...Read full memory)

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