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Memories of Osterley

I remember watching two or three boys try to walk across the frozen lake at Osterley house when the ice gave way and they all disappeared.Not sure if the survived,i was 11 or 12 at the time.

My goodness! Just where I grew up. I lived in Osterley Avenue and this looks like Osterley before the great West Road cut Thornbury Road in half!

In 1930 I was born at Northumberland Avenue, Isleworth: parallel to the Great West Road and behind St Francis Church. As Osterley Park was so near I used to play, with my chums, frequently in the grounds of the park. We had many happy hours in the park, cycling through the main dirt road which ran from Wyke Green to Norwood (...Read full memory)

I remember Spring Grove Central as a pretty good school. Assistant headmaster Chalklen taught me alot and I saw him as a mentor. Classmate Mike Hampshire got eleven O-levels. Not too shabby. Spring Grove Central a dump? I think not.

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