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Memories of Pantasaph, St Clare's Convent c1940

My maternal grandmother, Mary,(7) and her sister, Agnes(2) were sent to St Clare's in Pantasaph after the death of their father. She remembered having to wait on the day girls and was very conscious of having been a' charity case'. She didn't have fond memories of the place. Does anyone know if it is possible to see records of the inmates going back that far?

Added 24 December 2019
when I was 10 my younger sister was 8 and the twins with five , we were sent to St Clare's convent. We were in sister Catherines' flat she was very good to us but we were only there for a year before returning home to our family in south Wales, the year was 1971 We also had a carer that came in her name was Jennifer I remember her putting my hair in ringlets, she would encourage us to do our homework. although only having good memories of our time there we were all glad to get back home.

I was a boarder at St Aloysious High School 1948/1949 till it closed. I have only got a few memories of being there. I returned to the school when it was being converted into apartments. I spoke to a nun who still lived in the convent next door. She told me that there had been reunions over the years, but I was never aware of this. Anyone there the same time?

I went into St Clares at the age of two and came out aged eight. We should not let these times pass without recognition of the damage done to us all. I will never forget, WE MUST NOT let them. My love goes out to all those who suffered with me. Horrific times!!

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