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I love this old church, St. Michael’s, our scout troop was named after it. I was in the scouts for many years. I enjoyed every minute. Alas we had to attend the new church, St, Gabriel. I was married on May 24th 1975, after special permission from the Bishops of Chelmsford. I was allowed to be married at St. Michaels. The last (...Read full memory)

I can confirm that the Cubs met here circa 1955.

I worked at the cinema (Then The Century) for 14 years as the chief projectionist. First in 1956 then when I came out of the forces in 1960 till it closed as a cinema. Pitsea had its own power house for electricity. It stood between the cinema and Tudor chambers and powered all of Pitsea including the war memorial (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1947 in Rectory Hill Rd. I remember coming out of our back gate into Howard park when I was only 3 or 4 years old .My friend Mable & I would stay out all day only going home to tea.I went to Pitsea school & then on to Timberlog Secondry.I had many friends in Pitsea but lost touch when I married in 1966 .We (...Read full memory)

My memories of The Crescent are of a safe place for all the kids to play out, even in the road - football, cricket, also athletics. I lived at No.16 and all I can remember is all us kids at the time playing out, only going in for meals or bed. Sometimes on summer nights we would go up to bed at 8, but by 8.30 if you (...Read full memory)

My memories of the small block of shops was the Penny Farthing cycle fixed to the wall outside the cycle shop. That shop had all you needed for your bike and more, like the elastic we needed for our catapaults. Hard to get anywhere else. Steggles where I done my paper round from aged 12 until I left school at 15. My (...Read full memory)

Please get in touch with me if you grew up on the St Marys Crescent Estate, especially if you remember my family. We lived in number 48 then no.4 then number 93 - I got married from there. There was eight children in my family all with the initial B - Brian, Barry, Barbara, Bernard, me (Beryl) then came Janet, Beverley and (...Read full memory)

I got married at St Michaels (first time) on September 19th 1970, was married for 24 years then divorced. Everybody I knew got married in that lovely old church. Pitsea was lovely in the "good old days", I remember going to the Saturday market and it took practically all day because everybody knew everybody else and you (...Read full memory)

The church hall was used by all the groups, Brownies, Guides. Cubs and Scouts and a host of other things as well. Tombola, bring and buy and I believe the ladies used it for meetings as did the Sunday school. The church hall was probably used every day of the week for some reason or other. I have many good memories of it, thanks for bringing the flooding back.

After the WW 2 there as a club in the hall where we played badminton, chess etc. Does anyone remember this?