Rothesay, Arrival Of Visitors c.1955

Memories of Rothesay

I last visited Rothesay in 2002. Some of my ancestors hail from there: McArthur families records from 1785. More recently-John was the postal delivery man (horseback) circa 1880, his son, John was the farrier for 50 years in Rothesay, I saw his yard there when I visited. A grandson is /was the postal delivery man in 2002. My (...Read full memory)

My Mother's family all came from Rothesay, but our Family had moved from Port Bannatyne to Glasgow. But every summer we returned to my Granny's place at 3 Logie Place off of High Street, for our annual vacation. Even as young kids we would roam freely, down to the pier for a bit of fishing, or down to (...Read full memory)

My family have been on Bute for many hundreds of years but I was born in South Wales...Dad was a master Mariner and died in 1935. I have written a description of boyhood on Bute through the War and this is in the Bute Sons and Daughters Genealogical site. We lived at Ardbeg point all through the war and saw the Subs, (...Read full memory)

My father, 'John' Johnson, was a chaplain in the Royal Navy from 1943-46. He was based on HMS Cyclops, the submarine depot ship, in Rothesay harbour The family accompanied him to Rothesay and we lived at 2, Desmond Bank for a time and in other places. My Dad occasionally helped with services at a Presbyterian church in (...Read full memory)

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