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Off Grid Living

Im hoping that local residents from the late 40s onwards can help. I remember travelling with my family late 1950s to vistit some relations who lived in March, in train carrages bolted together. My memories are vague but they were jolted ...Read more

A memory of March by Stephen Armstrong

The Norden Family Of West Wratting And Weston Colville

I have been researching the Norden Family History for my husband's uncle. His mother was born in London and he wondered why she came to live in Weston Colville with relatives. James Norden ...Read more

A memory of West Wratting in 1860 by Pauline Barker

William Foster

I have no memories of Gedney Hill but am searching for a William Foster who I know lived there at least between 1871 and 1901 - after this I lose him. He was born in 1841 in Parson Drove Cambridgeshire and was married to Elizabeth. Hope someone can help. Ken

A memory of Gedney Hill by Ken Rebetzke

Mothers Memory

My mother is now 86 years old and her short term memory is failing fast. She can remember things from her childhood more easily. She was born in Silver Street, Milverton in 1921, the daughter of Percy Frank Moore and Hilda Winter. ...Read more

A memory of Milverton in 1920 by Carole Chiverton

Childhood Memories Of Yapton

i have very fond memories of visiting my grand parents in yapton, who lived opposite the church in the grandfather Roy, i believe was the villiage carpenter and my nan alice was helper in the church, and also ...Read more

A memory of Yapton in 1972 by Terry Hotston

Born & Bred In Aberfan

I was born in 1937 and with the outbreak of WWII lived with my grandparents, Ollie and Maggi Owen, at 29 Cottrell Street, Aberfan, while my father served in the army. My parents were Roy and Ada Taylor, and after the war my dad ...Read more

A memory of Aberfan in 1950 by Alan Taylor

Memories Of Ottershaw

My family came to live in Ottershaw in 1952 when I was 5 years old. My father, Charles Coulson, had moved us from the North of England owing to lack of work since his de-mob from the RAF. He was employed as a ...Read more

A memory of Ottershaw in 1952 by Denis Coulson

Lavender Hill

As a family we moved to 10 Lavender Hill in 1948, dad managed the butcher shop, Dewhursts, before that it was Chalks. One side was the fish shop Hitchcocks and the other side Maplesden the funeral parlour. Our back 'yard' opened on to ...Read more

A memory of Battersea in 1948 by Richard Watson


We moved into Colindale Avenue in 1942 shortly after the Tube station was bombed. I and my two brothers spent many happy days playing in the park opposite the station. I still keep in touch with friends that I made 60 years ago and we remember ...Read more

A memory of Colindale by Brian Goodall

Childhood Days

We moved to Colindale Avenue in 1942 shortly after the house had been repaired following a bomb hitting the tube station. I remember the acres of allotments stretching from Colindale ave to Colindeep lane past the British museum ...Read more

A memory of Colindale in 1940 by Brian Goodall

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Caption For Upwell, Village 1923

The county boundary between Cambridgeshire and Norfolk actually runs along the middle of the river at this point, so the church is in Norfolk, while the pub is in Cambridgeshire!

Caption For Burwell, Steven's Mill C1955

The last remaining windpump in Cambridgeshire was taken from nearby Adventurer's Fen and resited at Wicken Fen in 1956.

Caption For Castor, Peterborough Road C1955

Castor stands on the junction of the two main Roman roads in this part of Cambridgeshire, Ermine Street and King's Street.

Caption For March, Market Place C1955

Back in 1900, Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire said of March's Market Place:'the Fire Engine House is in the Market Place; there is one 40 horse power steam engine by Shand and Mason, with about half-a-mile

Caption For Linton, Clappers Stile C1955

This one is the only example of a clapper stile in Cambridgeshire.

Caption For Royston, General View 1929

The higgledy-piggledy development of this small country market town which resulted from its unusual position on the county border of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire until 1896 is evident in this overall

Caption For Gamlingay, Mill Street C1965

Situated on the Cambridgeshire border with Bedfordshire, Gamlingay was once a thriving market town.

Caption For Bourn, High Street C1955

The hall itself, an Elizabethan mansion, was built on the site of a former castle built by the Sheriff of Cambridgeshire after the Norman conquest.

Caption For Fulbourn, The Old Mill C1950

This is a fine old Cambridgeshire smock mill with four patent shuttered sails and a fantail; it was built in 1808, and ceased work in 1937.

Caption For Old Weston, The Village C1955

It is a typical building of the Cambridgeshire countryside, three rooms long with an entrance opposite the chimney stack.

Caption For Eynesbury, Church Of St Mary The Virgin 1897

The Royalist chaplain to Prince Rupert was rector in 1629-31, followed much later by William Cole, the Cambridgeshire antiquary, from 1768.

Caption For Castor, The Church Of St Kyneburgha 1890

The cruciform church of St Kyneburga is the most important Norman church in Cambridgeshire.

Caption For Bourn, Bourne Mill C1955

The mill has been in the care of the Cambridgeshire Preservation Trust since 1932.

Caption For Eaton Socon, The Green And The War Memorial C1960

Less than ten years later, Huntingdonshire was merged with Cambridgeshire, and the residents could truthfully say that they were amongst the few that had lived in the same house but in three counties

Caption For Eynesbury, St Mary Street 1897

Eyensbury is now in Cambridgeshire but was formerly in Huntingdonshire.

Caption For Peterborough, Long Causeway 1904

The Local Government Act of 1972 ended the old borough, and created a large district in its place, incorporating the old Soke and extending into Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.

Caption For Willingham, The Mill C1955

This is the largest smock mill in Cambridgeshire.

Caption For Royston, The Stone C1955

The town was 'carved' out of four parishes - Bassingbourn and Melbourn in Cambridgeshire and Therfield and Barkway in Hertfordshire.

Caption For Bury St Edmunds, St James' Cathedral Church, Interior 1922

This shows the early 16th-century nave and aisle designed by John Wastell, the architect of King's College, Cambridge. Sir