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This Is Not A Memory But A Plea!

My late wife was born in March, Cambridgeshire but her mother was born in Great Wymondley in 1911, the date being 2nd July, 1911. This was just after the Census of that year. However, I would like to find the ...Read more

A memory of Great Wymondley in 1910 by Peter Frost

Bacup Railway

I remember travelling on the train from Bacup to Rawtenstall and then on to Manchester where I caught a train to March in Cambridgeshire where we lived. I can remember seeing the big cotton mill which was called Ross Mill, which, I ...Read more

A memory of Stacksteads in 1965 by Steven Bradley

William Foster

I have no memories of Gedney Hill but am searching for a William Foster who I know lived there at least between 1871 and 1901 - after this I lose him. He was born in 1841 in Parson Drove Cambridgeshire and was married to Elizabeth. Hope someone can help. Ken

A memory of Gedney Hill by Ken Rebetzke

The Good Old Days

My memories are of walking to Kingsbury Sec school opposite Colindale Lane then we were transfered to the new Tylers Croft, Bacon Lane. The memories of playing football and cricket at Silver Jubilee Park, Townsend Lane where I ...Read more

A memory of Kingsbury in 1947 by Ray Filler Aka Baggett

Norton East Road

I was born in Norton East Road and left Staffordshire in 1969 to live with my family in Cambridgeshire. I visit Norton often to see aunts and uncles living in Norton Canes and Heath Hayes. I am in contact with Ann Jones (now ...Read more

A memory of Norton Canes in 1965

Village Of Orwell

When I was a child, we moved to Orwell Grange, a large house on an estate of 7 acres. The village of Orwell stands on the A603 just 7 miles from Cambridge, where my mother taught shorthand and typing. Our home was also run as a ...Read more

A memory of Orwell in 1962 by Jeannette Howard

Mothers Memory

My mother is now 86 years old and her short term memory is failing fast. She can remember things from her childhood more easily. She was born in Silver Street, Milverton in 1921, the daughter of Percy Frank Moore and Hilda Winter. ...Read more

A memory of Milverton in 1920 by Carole Chiverton

Hardwick Service Station 1946 1955

Ronald Newell, my father, moved from Potters Bar to Hardwick in 1946. He bought Hardwick Service Station from his brother in law (Bert Croad), who owned it during the second world war. ...Read more

A memory of Hardwick in 1950 by Martin Newell

Name Search

I have no memories of Bangley as such but am very interested in the place (or rather the NAME) as I married into the Bangley family and because the name is so unusual, any references I find regarding the name Bangley gives me great ...Read more

A memory of Bangley Park by Alan Walker

Childhood Memories Of Yapton

i have very fond memories of visiting my grand parents in yapton, who lived opposite the church in the grandfather Roy, i believe was the villiage carpenter and my nan alice was helper in the church, and also ...Read more

A memory of Yapton in 1972 by Terry Hotston