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Wainscott Kent

As children after my father was invalided out of the RAF he took a gardeners/maintenance job with a Mrs Hitchcock who lived in a large house in Hollywood Lane. She owned a thatched cottage nearby where we lived. It had a huge garden and ...Read more

A memory of Wainscott by nita_luce

Welling Kent

I was born in Dartford in 1953 and lived in Bexleyheath until I was 15. I went to school in Welling at Maryville Convent. I loved shopping in Welling and used to meet my friends there and go to Danson Park. Sue Tebbs

A memory of Welling by s.tebbs

Kent Butchers

Year: 1930s Kent Butchers Does anyone have memories of the Kent Butchers during the 1930s in Lewisham Market? I have a photo taken about Christmas time 1936 of their shop. It is decorated with rows of turkeys and other meats, with the ...Read more

A memory of Lewisham in 1930 by Susan Howard

Hopping In Kent

Now I can't say 100% that it was Marden but it just sticks in my mind. Although I am only 31 now I went hopping a couple of times with my family who were originally from Silvertown. The last time I went was in the early to mid ...Read more

A memory of Staplehurst in 1985 by Teresa Garrett

The Kent Family

My great grandparents lived in Carlshalton Road, Woodmansterne and bought up their family, including my Nanna, Dorothy, there. Their surname was Kent and they lived in the middle cottage of a terrace of 3.   My Aunt Mary (who is ...Read more

A memory of Woodmansterne in 1930 by Sarah Crawford

The Kent Family

During the 1970s when I was a teenager, I drove my grandmother to Alrewas, Staffs as her family were from this village. We walked around the old church graveyard and found many stones with the name Kent.  Inside the church there are ...Read more

A memory of Alrewas in 1860 by Helen Clark

Grandeur In Kent

In a corner of Kent known with justification as the Garden of England stood the magnificent building known as Lee Priory. It saddens me so much that it no longer exists. In my childhood a Colonel Belcher resided there with his ...Read more

A memory of Littlebourne in 1940 by Gordon Tumber

Oak Bank School Kent

Reading someone else's comment about Oak Bank School I am fascinated by their memory. I went to what I only remember as an Open Air School in Seal when I was very young. Don't know what for but think I was a sickly child and this ...Read more

A memory of Seal by Virginia Haywood

Parkside Avenue, Barnehurst, Kent

Growing up in Barnehurst still gives me some lovely memories, like Mr Bink's fish & chip shop and the Hairdressers which was run by Mrs English. We used to go dancing in The Embassy Ball room on a Saturday ...Read more

A memory of Barnehurst in 1950 by Mary Bailey

Vants At Westwell, Kent

I am undertaking a One Name Study of the surname VANT - Westwell is one of the first places in Kent that Vants are found [I have extensive records dating back to the mid 1600s] - sadly I don't think there are any Vants in Westwell ...Read more

A memory of Westwell