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As well as Tony Lee’s riding stables behind the Crown there was another one run by Mrs Dudeen which you found by riding down the side of the cinema and the stables were at the back. I used to help by mucking out and grooming and getting the horse I used to look after ready for customers to ride - his name was Peter Buttercup. In (...Read full memory)

I think it is now closed. I thought your memory was so touching. I spent some time in Selsey but never knew anybody there. Thanks for your post.

I have such fond memories of Selsey with all those marvellous pubs. My best friends lived in Harcourt Way and we would often walk along the seafront to one of the pubs in the village. Their names were Frank and Barbara Sugg. Unfortunately Frank passed away in Chichester hospital and although I would come over from France (...Read full memory)

This is not The White horse caravan park that is The Quality Stores in Mill Lane and The Black Horse Caravan pk

St Peters church is in the high street .....this must be the path from St Wilfrids chapel at Church Norton the former site of St Peters Church Thank you, we will alter our database. Ed.

this cant be 1965 the hotel burnt down in 1961 - Many thanks for this information - all our later images can only be dated to within 5 years - but we will change this to before the date of the fire! Ed

this is not the white horse caravan park this is Pontins Broadreed at Selsey Many thanks for this information - we will update our records. Ed.

Ellen Laura (Ibbett, Clack, Hodgson) Preston, arrived from Canada and recorded: My sister Jessie and brother Lawrence met me for lunch in London and looked up my sister's train for Selsey, Sussex, with whom I was to stay. My sister's home was a massive house facing the ocean. Her husband was under (...Read full memory)

I'd be very interested to hear any memories about the father and son icecream team. They had a wooden icecream cart, which was pushed from Chichester to the beach and back

I remember the Crown Riding Stables very well. My family, the Worboys, lived in Selsey during the 1960s and emigrated to Australia in 1969. Every weekend I would go to the stables to groom the horses and muck out the stables. I was always wary of a horse named Tansy, she was known to give a powerful kick if you stood (...Read full memory)