Old Maps of Shenfield

Historic Maps of Shenfield and the local area.

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Shenfield from other years.

My Dad wrote of his time at Hutton Residential School. This is what he wrote: September 1939 - January 1949 I was evacuated in September and on my arrival at Block 2, I nearly had my head knocked off by my cousin, Joey, with a cricket bat. I saw him playing and went haring out to speak to him just as he was (...Read full memory)

i was there in 1966 i think we were a family of six 4 boys and 2 girls our house parents were Mr and Mrs coben i think and they had a son called grant we were in avon i think i was about 6 and my youngest brother was 2 and the eldest of us was 11, they later left and went to Birmingham to run a children's home i think (...Read full memory)