Old Maps of Silverdale

Historic Maps of Silverdale and the local area.

With my sister Anice I was evacuated to Silverdale from Salford on 1st September 1939. We had three different lodgings but from November 1939 to August 1944 we stayed very happily with Miss Hay at Castle Villas on the corner of Townsfield and Cove Rd. I stayed in touch with her until the year of her death in 1958. I regret I (...Read full memory)

Our family lived at Silverdale Crossings until 1959. Mother had a small sweets and general stores shop, Father worked as crossing keeper until his death in 1959, the house (now demolished) came with the job. Initially he was on duty 24 hours a day, the crossing gates were closed to traffic at all times and vehicles (...Read full memory)