Southend On Sea, From The Pier 1898

Memories of Southend-on-Sea

As a child in the early 1950's I can remember that the best part of our day out was the boat rides on this lake. I can still remember the smell from the engines. I grew up in Hornchurch and if I remember correctly we bought our first car in the early 50's and 3 or 4 times in the summer we would drive to Southend and maybe once we would go to Clacton.

My dad worked for Aviation Traders at Southend Airport. He brought the Carvairs from Stansted where they were built in pieces via a transporter called 'The Queen Mary'. They were assembled at Southend and were the brainchild of Freddie Laker and the forerunner to the Jumbo Jet! They had the huge round (...Read full memory)

IIRC, the "Westcliffe Belle" was a conversion by Johnson & Jago, Boatbuilders of leigh-on-Sea, of one of the big sailing yawls or ketches that had worked off the Foreshore pre-WW2, giving excursions out into the Estuary to see the very busy Shipping. I (...Read full memory)

I remember the sausage and mash cafe almost opposite to where this photo was taken at the bottom of Pier Hill. It was called 'The Old Sausage Shop' and I sometimes had lunch there while working at a nearby amusement arcade. It wasn't the best of places to eat I'm afraid!. The sausages came from big tin cans (...Read full memory)

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